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Tsunade was panting heavily as she recovered from her weird but mind blowing orgasm. Well, I think that Jiraiya's issue was that Tsunade was most likely naked when he got attacked by her.

She quickly found herself licking her own breasts clean, sucking on her sensitive nipples and replacing cum with saliva on her smooth skin. Xxx mallu sexy. Don't you dare turn down this offer! It was still much larger than any normal man's, but it was far from Naruto's usual trunk. Naruto and tsunade naked. Naruto hesitated, then started pushing his cock deeper, pressing its head against her cervix, sending jolts of pain and pleasure through her body.

His big, hard cock sprung free and almost slapped the naughty woman in the face. Just as he thought about that, she turned her head to look at him from her left side, where her breasts wouldn't hinder her view. Meanwhile, she could barely breathe from having her throat fucked continually.

She gyrated her hips before pulling herself up and starting to fuck his cock with her ass, slapping her round rump on his crotch each time she took him in. She leaned backward then moved her hips down, pressing her huge butt onto Naruto's face. If I put this into a lovers relationship, then it's a bit of a daring, steamy one.

But that's just me saying it in my point of view. Www free sex lesbian com. Naruto was especially hard and big and it really made her doubt if she could take it all in. AWWW the two of them.

Naruto did as she said and he bucked his hips forward, unfolding her tight pussy. He walked behind her and freed her of the contraption much quicker than she anticipated and his hands reached around her torso to grope her breasts once more. She knew he was about to cum and tried getting ready for it. He groped her huge, sticky breasts and massaged them, then started fucking her throat. She was dirty with his cum and her own milk, which gave her a slutty, yet exciting look. His climax was long and hard and he pumped her full of cum.

She engulfed part of their long, hard shafts in her underboobs. Eva karera unlimited milfs. Meanwhile, Tsunade coughed, choking on the extra cum which she had difficulty swallowing.

I think there's plenty of of stories where men gather a harem out there, it's time for us women to do the same. I think you have the only NaruYugi and NaruFu in the entire site. Charlie taylor nude. He enjoyed looking at her big bust bounce each time she moved and at her face, twisted with pleasure.

Naruto didn't dare move with his manhood held in hostage like this, besides it wasn't unpleasant at all. Naruto crouched down further, almost resting his shaft against her pussy and her cleanly trimmed hair. This one is pretty much only lemons and contains some Kage Bunshin fun.

He fucked her milk out, which mixed with her pussy juice into a dirty mess. Her inner thighs were so wet and dirty that it was very easy for him to glide along her soft and smooth skin. Naruto fell down on his rear, legs shaking and chest heaving as he panted.

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He wouldn't last long, but neither would she. He started fucking her breasts and mouth at the same time, slapping his body against hers again and again. Maximum risk nude scene. Naruto and tsunade naked. She almost passed out from lacking oxygen, but she still controlled her body so perfectly that it remained a perfect cocksleeve for Naruto, who finally pulled his cock out.

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There should have been much more balance of power between Sasuke and Naruto when they first met after the two year gap, otherwise they wouldn't be called rivals. Her fingers rubbed roughly on the sensitive and bulbous cockheads at each thrust, bringing them much faster closer to their orgasms. Naruto and Tsunade is an interesting couple, though I mostly support a Jiraiya x Tsunade in canon. It was still much larger than any normal man's, but it was far from Naruto's usual trunk.

Interracial pics with text. I know, Naruto has surpassed Jiraiya, Minato and Kakashi by far, it's awesome. Who are you to decide that this position, which every ninja wishes to reach is not good enough for you?

Naruto drank from her breast, squeezing her nipple between his lips. Tsunade stood up and left the restaurant. Nude sex video for download. It was short lived and he soon found himself pushed down on the ground by Tsunade. I know the Shadow Clone training is what caused it, but jeez User Comments Post a comment Comment: She pressed it against his lips, squashing his face between her big cheeks.

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I'll be Hokage if you fuck me like this every day! Naruto was especially hard and big and it really made her doubt if she could take it all in. Soon enough, the clone came in her throat, coating her insides with his semen, shooting enough that she couldn't swallow it all and she had to let a lot spurt out of her mouth and drip down on the bed. Unable to reach around his girth with only one hand, she had to use both to hold the heavy penis.

Although, I still think that even in the manga, Naruto and Tsunade have a very close relationship maybe not one shared between lovers, but more of a mother figure and son. She gripped his hips with her knees and twirled him around, throwing him on the bed with a ninja move. She pulled herself up and coughed a few times, breaking the links with her face.

And Jiraiya being beaten to near death by Tsunade was hilarious, even though he's stronger then her. Big tits on a bumpy road. He fucked her milk out, which mixed with her pussy juice into a dirty mess.

Chris cox gay porn. Naruto, finger my ass while you lick my clit!

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